Top 3 reasons why you need the S-Light to prevent secondary accidents

Have you ever needed to pull over for a roadside emergency? As you know, sometimes it’s a quick fix and you’re back on your way or it could be more serious.

As long as your car, truck, or other vehicle is stopped, you’re in danger of being struck by another driver who didn’t see you in time. Keeping the S-Light in your vehicle’s emergency kit can prevent a secondary accident and save your life.

Stranded on a long stretch of empty highway.

You can see a long way on a flat highway, but driving for mile after mile in a straight line, drivers also stop seeing things. They get tired, everything looks the same, eyes glaze over and they may not see your stopped vehicle until it’s too late.

Winding mountain road Kono-America-Led-Technology

The S-Light is visible from more than two football fields away, and its bright lights and changing patterns are enough to rouse a driver from road hypnosis well in advance. In addition, the SOS and HELP patterns can signal other drivers to stop when you may be out of cell phone range. 

Low visibility.

Snow or any kind of bad weather greatly reduces how far you can see.

The bright, changing patterns of the S-Light can draw attention even through snow and conditions that may totally obscure reflectors or weaker lights.

Highways with winding roads and blind turn hazards.

Kono USA. s.light product LED Technology

Winding roads cut visibility down to the closest turn, which may not be far enough to prevent an accident. A traditional warning triangle or road flare placed on the ground are useless in these specific road conditions, they can’t be seen until it’s too late.

What’s different about the S-Light?

The S-Light, by contrast, can be mounted on your roof or side door, raising it well above the road, at driver’s eye level, so it can be seen from farther distances, giving drivers more time to react during the day or night. The S-Light comes equipped with a warning triangle that has no reflective background for daytime visibility.

Other drivers need to see you from as far away as possible. Your safety — and that of your vehicle and passengers — depends on it.

Purchase Kono America’s S-Light here.

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